Buy and Sell Diamonds in Skokie, IL


Do you have some old diamond earrings you don’t want anymore? Perhaps you’re actually looking into buying diamonds for a loved one. Skokie Cash Jewelry & Loan can provide you with either the cash or diamonds you need, based on what you’re looking for.

Skokie Cash Jewelry & Loan specializes in both buying and selling diamonds. The owner, Carl, is a GIA Certified diamond expert with years of experience working with all types of diamonds.

If you’re looking into selling your diamonds, you’ve come to the right place. Before you sell your diamonds, make sure that you have a professional look at it to appraise the value. You can either pawn your diamonds for a collateral loan or sell them directly to us.

If you’re looking for diamonds, we have a large inventory of valuable diamonds available. We also have great deals for many of our diamonds as well, so make sure to ask about those.

Buy and sell diamonds in Skokie, IL at Skokie Cash Jewelry & Loan. Call us at 847-675-4444 today with any questions you have.