Buy and Sell Collectibles in Skokie, IL


Whether you’re an avid coin collector, love antique shopping, or simply love browsing around, Skokie Cash Jewelry & Loan has the collection you’re looking for.

We have a large assortment of both collectible coins and paper currency. We have also dealt with both graded and ungraded coins, so we understand the potential differences in value. Through our years of operation, we’ve seen a majority of coins minted in the world, and we have the experience to buy, sell, or trade valuable coins.

We also have a collection of various collectables and antiques. If you’re in the mood to go antique shopping or simply see some interesting memorabilia, we probably have what you’re looking for!

If you’re looking to sell us a collectable or antique, we have established relationships with auction houses and appraisers who can determine the complete value of your item.

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